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Colorado San Juan Mountains public lands threatened as a Sacrifice Zone, by New Proposals for thousands of Gas, Oil wells and Incitu Mining Parasites

August 23, 2011

Attention to those CONCERNED for the future of our water and the Mountains and health
Please get involved go to Public comment date n SAY HELL NO The WELLS must GO
BP, Williams, XTO/Exxon n other gas n oil are sucking every last bit to sacrifice the lands to industries energy demands. The industry of mining, oil and gas will create a sacrifice zone for the beautiful land and mountains that is left untouched and rape our planet.
We will increase the amount of global warming gasses in the atmosphere like crazy!
In the longest droughts and heat waves ever climate change wreaking havoc on all of us and the Eco systems!
Redneck racist pricks say that global warming is a theory and fear campaign to make money this idiot is saying the answer to state wide drought is a day of prayer.
Corporations are lobbying to kill everything in the lands and water all for a last ditch effort to make profits.
Federal officials are reviewing a land
management plan that could spark a new gas boom in the area.
Please get involved !!!!
Save the water Save the Lands Save the Children’s Rights n Health NOW!!!

San Juan National Forest supervisor Mark Stiles says new
technology could allow more than 1,700 wells to be drilled in a
shale formation covering over 646 thousand acres in parts of
Dolores, San Miguel, Montezuma
and La Plata counties. That’s about double what the federal
government considered when it started.

more than half the area involves federal surface ownership.

federal agencies wrote an addition to a 2007 draft federal land
management plan for the area that was recently released and
will be open for public comment.

the first open house is sept. first in norwood, then on wednesday sept.
7th a second meeting will be held at the Durango public library from

two other meetings are scheduled: one in dove creek on sept. 8 and finally

one in Cortez sept. 14 at the montezuma county annex building.

you can view the plan at
or CD copies can be requested by contacting elysia retzlaff at 385-1253

the public comment period will end Tuesday October 11.


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