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Elk research or BioGenetically modified Canned Elk Hunt /Mineral Game

August 23, 2011

ERI Elk Research Institute has been using Colorado Indian Trust Land under the 1910 Indian Appropriations Act , which the intent of Congress written heading the the bill reads “To Uphold Treaty Obligations”
This means the native students are the primary beneficiary of this act.
The Native American Tuition Wavier along with the land have been under attack by generations of Corporate Greed and Racism.
Raping the land for generations many oil gas and mining corporations have sought out and occupied thus trust land violating the Original Intent of the congressional act which says the land was being granted as long as the said lands,facility’s, and buildings be MAINTAINED as an institution of Learning and that ALL Native American children are allowed tuition free upon equality of whites.
Many industries and much white money is going to these leases and projects.
One of those is the non Scientific no ethical and Earth rapist / mining/ canned hunting / deforestation parasites.
Elk Research Institute or ELK QUEST occupied mad fantasies canned hunt outfit for massive genetically altered Elk for up to 25,000 dollars under the guise of non profit research.
XTO is the king of fraking in this country they were bought by Exxon go 40 million over a year ago. Del Cradock is the prez of ERI. Here is ELKQUEST website premium package hunts. Canned hunts Elk are like Pets come when you open a bag of Chips. The Elk Research Institute Only pays the state of Colorado 3000 a year to lease this Indian trust land. No money goes to the native Tuition waiver. 1 elk 25000 dollars could nearly pay for a Native American Student’ Four Years at Fort Lewis College. No accountability for the Hesperus Trust Account in the Native Tuition Waiver. when I asked Former Senator Isgar questions about ERI he said it was important research and a few thousand dollars don’t matter and that the fees cover the operations cost.
If ERI only has a 3000 dollar a year lease selling hunts for 25,000 – 15,000, 10,000 6,000 9,000 etc that adds up past the non profit stage.
The irony here is that I researched the people hunting this place n found ties to the radical Right Wing Nationalist publication Colorado Freedom Report who writes clearly against Indian Sovereignty and Write articles against the Native American Tuition waiver in this article

Here is what ERI is really doing Canned Trophy Elk Hunting for the Rich White elite.

http://Elk Quest Sells Large High dollar canned Hunting

Go to their premium hunting packages to see prices they very for the super wealthy to the sorta rich to the HUD ole boy rich. No money for NDNZ n certain not Non Profit.
The Elk Research Institute Claims to carry on research of Chronic Waste disease. A 13 foot fence Doubled Around the land was built to so called keep the land Clean of Chronic Waste Disease but with Two rows of fencing at 13 ft high and wide enough separated to drive a 18. wheeler in to.
As you see Elcan/Raytheon and Williams Gas And XTO and Trigon were posted as the sponsors of the ERI in the beginning all are interests in mining n gas and Military. I found The ERI has the Colorado Forestry Allowing truck loads of Timber large old Pine Forests to be cut from the Indian School Land without any accountability to the beneficiaries, the students if the college.
For over a year there have been unknown amounts of Trees ripped off the Land n deforested the NDN school land.
ERI has occupied and abused for 8 years.Only one research paper came off the land on chronic waste disease. 8 years and only one research paper under Texas A&M. Many hunters from the southern states like Texas seem
To hunt the place also in Gas n Military.
The absolutely clear point here in the Highlighted Letter here the Depart of Interior clearly states The Minerals are under the Department of Interior, that’s because the Indian Appropriations Bill of 1910 which transferred this land under Indian Title this mean only congress can ever make a new bil stating otherwise because they have plenary power in this land conveyance and Congressional Act concerning Native American tribes.
The state of Colorado claims they have title to the minerals on the land but the Department if Interior says they do and that means only an Act if Congress can change that.
Last year Elk Research Institute bragged on there website that they were flying over the land with hyperthermalspectral imaging or Geomapping of minerals by SPECTIR Llc
and Aerospace.
I thought this interesting knowing the ties and interest to find RARE-EARTH minerals with this technology all over the world by Raytheon Exxon XTO, Great Western,and others Williams Gas, and Trigon.
I finally found just what that research and Hyoersthermalspectral imaging flight
Information was gathered for. Nunavut mining Symposium in Alaska here’s the power point on jowcElk are used to help Rare Earth oil Gas Mining industry increase their profits.
Nunavut mining symposium Power Point By SPECTIR, Areospace, and Elk Research Institute.…
It seems to me the elk have sensors planted in them and are used to help survey n map the minerals or the presentation was done to see the difference in the elk and the mineral. This technology is DOD level what the hell is going on when the State says it can’t afford the waiver and multiple billion dollar industries are sitting on it for nothing?

Coming soon ….The Fort Lewis College And Fort Lewis Indian School lands connection to DOD and military Contractors.




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